Helium 500

 799,00 (inc. TVA)

4-band Hybrid Equaliser

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Helium combines capacitor based EQ circuits and filters with inductor based EQ circuits.

Helium is the combination of our Carbon and Iridium EQ, with extra filter circuits added. Helium is a full Class-A, discrete design, and all components have been carefully chosen and matched to provide an extremely musical sound. This is definitely not a “clone” or “copy”

Like all Interphase Audio products, Helium is unique and features great sound and straight forward functionality. The four bands have large overlapping frequency controls, making it well-suited for minimising problematic frequencies, or giving an extra boost to others.

The HF and LF band can be used as either bell-curved EQ or as – 12 dB per octave – hi—cut / lo-cut filter. The two middle bands feature our inductive EQ, with custom-wound Carnhill inductors on the lo-mid band. Each band can be cut or boost with as much as 15dB per band.


Standard Faceplate, Dark Faceplate