Helium 500

 870,00 (inc. TVA)

4-band Hybrid Equaliser


Helium combines capacitor based EQ circuits and filters with inductor based EQ circuits.

Helium is the combination of our Carbon and Iridium EQ, with extra filter circuits added. Helium is a full Class-A, discrete design, and all components have been carefully chosen and matched to provide an extremely musical sound. This is definitely not a “clone” or “copy”

Like all Interphase Audio products, Helium is unique and features great sound and straight forward functionality. The four bands have large overlapping frequency controls, making it well-suited for minimising problematic frequencies, or giving an extra boost to others.

The HF and LF band can be used as either bell-curved EQ or as – 12 dB per octave – hi—cut / lo-cut filter. The two middle bands feature our inductive EQ, with custom-wound Carnhill inductors on the lo-mid band. Each band can be cut or boost with as much as 15dB per band.