Iridium 500

 699,00 (inc. TVA)

4-band Inductive Equaliser
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The name Iridium is based on “Iris”, the Greek goddess of the rainbow. And that is exactly what you’ll get. A silky smooth rainbow of EQ. Dial in any frequency, and be amazed. We have yet to come across anyone who does not like this EQ.

Inductor based circuits are the “holy grail” of equaliser designs. These were used for example in the much favoured Pultec equaliser design, which dates back to the late 1950’s. Owing to their unique electro-mechanical properties, inductors impart a character all of their own, which is very distinctive.

The Iridium uses 16 inductors spread out over the four bands, with custom-wound Carnhill inductors in the low-mid and low bands, giving precise control and the inductor sound on each band.

Iridium is a Class-A, discrete design, with all components carefully chosen and matched to provide an extremely musical sound. You’ll get a very distinctive sound, which most sound engineers love. However, this circuit is a decidedly modern design with updated techniques and components that were simply not available 60 years ago.

This is definitely not a “clone” or “copy” (we at Interphase Audio do not build clones or copies of anything) As a consequence of using inductors, this provides a “peaking” or “bell” characteristic, giving tight control of the frequency selected. Each band provides switch selection of any of 6 carefully selected frequencies chosen at musically pleasing intervals. Each band allows very fine control of up to 15dB cut or boost per band.


Standard Faceplate, Dark Faceplate